The MARCONI Sanatorium is one of the most significant cultural centres in Świętokrzyskie province. The local Concert Hall lives throughout the year, while offered schedule of concerts, lectures and meetings with authors is a perfect complement to the Sanatorium. The program encloses regular concerts of Salonowa Orkiestra Zdrojowa, the Health Resort orchestra, deservedly referred to as one of the best SPA orchestras in Poland. Its repertoire includes, among others, operetta pieces, tango and waltzes.

The highest-ranking events recognized as one of the most important in the Polish festival calendar include:

1. The International “Chopin Summer” Piano Festival (July)

A world-renowned festival gathering pianists from Poland and abroad, including Japan, Thailand,
Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Australia and the United States. The initiator and mentor of this wonderful spiritual feast, close to the hearts of the highest culture admirers, was late professor Barbara Hesse-Bukowska. Her work is continued by PhD Krystian Tkaczewski, which gives you the chance for annual close meetings with recognized and rising stars of this music genre.

2. Krystyna Jamroz International Music Festival (June - July)

During this event, one can admire famous Polish and foreign artists. The concerts take place in the MARCONI Sanatorium Concert Hall, which is annually made available by courtesy of the Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój Health Resort Co. Thanks to that, our guests have a unique opportunity to see numerous outstanding performers.


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