Tests are performed using the latest generation Prodigy Pro Full Size device, meeting international criteria, and allow to determine the degree of the disease and the risk of bone fractures.

The OSTEOPOROSIS Treatment Clinic and Densitometry Laboratory offer a full range of diagnostics (densitometry tests, laboratory tests) and specialist treatment.

Detailed information is provided by the Health Resort Clinic, open from Monday to Friday between 7.30 am – 2 pm.

tel. + 48 41 370 32 17

tel. +48 41 370 32 98

mobile: + 48 734 187 654


Price list for Bone Density Testing Laboratory in the field of diagnostics with a type apparatus Prodigy Pro Full Size

Type of diagnostic test Price in PLN
Spine L-S 80
Femoral neck 80
Two Femoral necks 110
Spine + two femoral necks 130
Spine + femoral neck 110
Forearm 80
Whole body + measure tissues: bone, fat and muscle + BMI 100


OSTEOPOROSIS – is a gradual loss of bone mass and change in bone structure. The disease first develops without obvious symptoms, then leads to an increased risk of fractures, chronic pain and reduced physical fitness. The disease affects women in peri- and postmenopausal period and men. Taking into consideration the continuous increase in morbidity and serious consequences of compression spine fractures, femoral neck, forearm bones and other fractures, early diagnosis is very important.


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